At Ugly Mugs we strived to serve the freshest qulity ingredients, sourced from local purveyors when available. We serve breakfast and lunch options until 8pm. Here are only a few examples of what you can find to munch on at Ugly Mugs. There is more! Visit us in the shop for our full menu.

For Breakfast

  • Breakfast sandwiches served on local Bagel Face bagels, ciabatta bread or wheat toast from Silke's Old World Breads.
  • Local granola topped with fresh fruit and milk or yogurt
  • Steel cut oats topped with fresh fruit, brown sugar and other toppings
  • There is more!
  • For Lunch

  • Panini Sandwiches
  • Cold sandwich options
  • Hummus and chips
  • House made Bruschetta served with grilled ciabatta bread
  • For Dessert

    Assorted fresh baked pastry from Dozen Sweetshop. Delicious cakes made by Sweet 16th Bakery.

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